The Theory

Socrates said, “And he will know it without having been taught but only questioned, and find the knowledge within himself? – Yes,” (Meno, 85d)

Today’s psychotherapy is performed by asking questions which cause a search within oneself for answers.  Under deep psychosis many answers come forward, but there is only one that is responsible for the production of emotional tears that bring forth a healing to the mind.

Psychotherapy is hard work, but when we bite into that olive branch of neurons our bones become alive and our health is restored.  Socrates analogy of the divided line is an imaginary line that divides the mind into parts, each part is responsible for the production of a type of thought.

These tutorials teach rape victims how to identify the imaginary lines and explore each area of the mind. Using the theory, a victim can learn how to safely explore, locate, and “stop” thoughts that are causing her mental illness.

“By identifying and blocking thought “X”, I stopped the illness (depression) that “X” was causing.  It works because X is the cause of the illness (depression).  It works just like Newton’s causality; the law of cause and effect.”



January 7, 2015, Page 13


But Watch Out!  Don’t confuse Philosophy with Psychology.  Philosophy studies the cause of illnesses, while Psychology studies what is correlated with the illness. The terms causality and correlation are much different in nature.

We will learn about Rene Descartes Dualism approach of Mind and Body, and how he calculates thoughts within time and space; afterwhich, we will learn basic mathematics and apply our knowledge to the doctrine of the Socratic divided line.