Socratic School of Thought

The Theory

For most, we want a quick sentence to wrap up this theory; unfortunately, it is not that easy.  The theory is explained in Plato’s text which consists of 1800 pages of complex writings. I was taught personally by Jesus Christ on how to use the theory.  Essentially, He let me take a peak inside my

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True Opinion v. Knowledge

Socrates: So correct opinion is no less useful than knowledge? Meno: Yes, to this extent, Socrates.  But the man who has knowledge will always succeed, whereas he who has true opinion will only succeed at times (Meno, 97c). Haven’t you noticed that opinions without knowledge are shameful and ugly things?  The best of them are

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Newton’s First Law

Newton’s First Law states that an object will remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force. It may be seen as a statement about inertia, that objects will remain in their state of motion unless a force acts to change the motion.   Why is Newton’s Law Important? An object (mind) in motion

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